Lenny Mayes




Lenny Mayes was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 5, 1951 to Beverly Mayes (Branhan) and Leonard Robert Mayes.  He was the first child born to this union. 
  Lenny was raised by his stepfather, Samuel Calvin Branhan, who preceded him in death.   Two of his brothers Wendell Mayes and Marlon Branhan preceded him in death as well.   A brother, Terence, currently resides in Detroit.   He was married to Janet Marie, and had  three children to that union.   He also had two other children.
Growing up in a Christian home, he accepted Christ at an early age.   He was baptized, and prior to his death, he was a current member of Hope United Methodist Church. 
Lenny attended Pershing High School, where he performed in many talent shows.   He began his professional career with the Casanovas in 1965, leaving his job with the Ford Motor Company. .  He later joined another group in 1968, called the Sunrise Movement.  In 1973, Lenny joined the Dramatics, and sang on his first album "A Dramatics Experience."  His first lead was "You Could Become The Very Heart of Me."  His favorite Dramatics' song was "I Cried All The Way Home."  Some of his other favorites included "Be With The One You Love" and "I Can't Get Over You."   During his long career with the Dramatics, Lenny sang lead, second tenor and baritone and was known for his outgoing personality, his smile and his style.  He loved to travel; his favorite cities were Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta.  Most of all, Lenny loved people and he loved to make them smile.
Leonard Cornell Mayes departed this life at 4:25a.m., Monday, November 8, 2004.

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"I Cried All The Way Home"

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